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Looking to showcase your film, talent, artistic project? – How about the NU-UR -Creative Arts Festival…

Five years ago a number of students collaborated with the Office of Undergraduate Research to make the Creative Arts Festival.  It is the largest student artistic showcase on campus, and it is the only place where all of the different arts come together.  The Creative Arts Festival at Northwestern brings together undergraduate artists from any discipline to share recent projects, receive constructive feedback, and present collaborative new work. It ends up like an old time variety show with a poetry reading followed by a singer-songwriter followed by a student film, a dance, and a stage reading of a new play.  We even showcase visual arts in the space.  We want you to consider submitting your work to showcase.

There are two ways to play!  If you already have a piece (or an excerpt), you can apply to present that.  It will give your work a wider showcase, and you will get feedback (and maybe awards) from our professional jury (in past years it even included an Academy Award winning writer/director).

However, we also want to encourage you to use the Festival to create something entirely new, especially in collaboration with students in other arts disciplines. A small dance ensemble performing with a jazz trio? A visual artist painting live in response to a live solo musical performance? An actor performing a monologue from a class workshop while a film major projects custom visuals? Where mediums intersect, the sky’s the limit! Create the work (with your friends!) that you have always wanted to make – we’ll provide the venue for you to share it with your peers!

More info on the Creative Arts Festival can be found here. Performance times are generally 5-10 minutes.  The Festival is May 31st at 8pm in the Struble Theater.  Applications (simply a short summary of your piece) are due by midnight on April 17th. 

Please contact Peter Civetta at with any questions!

Reach out to someone with whom you’ve been hoping to collaborate.  Reprise a piece that makes you proud. Convince your best friends to build a one-night-only interactive installation…. no matter your discipline, come join the show!