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PLUS Sessions Start this Sunday, April 16

This is just a brief reminder that PLUS will start for the spring quarter this Sunday, April 16. PLUS runs through June 4, from 3-5 pm, in Shepard Engagement Center, Room B25. Free food is available for attendees!

PLUS is a drop-in study session, where students can study alone, or with classmates, and peer leaders (students who have taken and done well in the course) are available to answer questions and facilitate problem-solving.

PLUS provides support in the following courses this quarter:

  • Biol 215, 308
  • Chem 103, 210
  • Math 214, 224, 230
  • Physics 130-3, 135-1, 135-3
  • Stat 210

Pilot 1-to-1 tutoring: Students can sign up for a 25-minute 1-to-1 session with a math or econ leader while at PLUS. This feature is first-come, first-served: students can sign up when they arrive. (For Math and Econ 201/202 only.)

PLUS is available as a supplementary resource to office hours with professors and TAs. Many professors recommend that students form study groups to do practice problems or review material, and PLUS can provide a way for students to find an informal group to work with, in a relaxed setting with a leader available if needed.