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College Mentors for Kids opportunity

College Mentors for Kids is a national mentoring organization that has been operating for 20 years. The purpose is to connect college students with the most to give to elementary school students who need it the most, through weekly education-focused activities.

Our activity days for the whole year are on TUESDAYS from 4:30-5:30 pm, weekly. Due to our late start, holidays, and finals week, we actually only have three activity days this fall (October 24, November 7, and November 14). In the winter/spring we will usually be doing 7-8ish activity days a quarter. All activities are at Northwestern.  Every week there is a new activity, whether we invite students to speak about their major, let the kids experience some part of Northwestern life, do community service, etc.


You are partnered with one 1st to 5th grader from Park View Elementary School. We have 40 buddies, and therefore need 40 mentors. The time commitment is very low. It’s only one hour a week at Northwestern. We don’t meet during reading week, finals week, or holidays. The only reasons we allow absences is for sickness or if you have a test during the activity time.


Applications are to be done through the College Mentors website. Go to: and click “apply to be a mentor today.” Enter your information for “new applicants” and follow those directions.

There is also a survey which you can skip through. Once your application goes through, I will see it and contact you again about how to proceed.