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Research Assistant Opportunities at Kellogg School of Management

Research Assistant Opportunities at Kellogg School of Management

Current Northwestern University undergraduate and graduate students are invited to apply for paid research assistant positions at Kellogg School of Management. The work of a research assistant varies greatly depending on the faculty member and research project, ranging from data entry and library searches, to data management and statistical estimations, from helping set up online surveys or computer studies, to summarizing information from sources in languages other than English. Projects may be short term or long term and some projects may require special skills, while others may be suitable for those without prior research experience.
To facilitate matching between prospective RAs and faculty members, we have created an online Kellogg RA Application Form intended to assess the skills most sought after by Kellogg faculty members. Please keep in mind that faculty seek RA support with varying volume and frequency throughout the year. By submitting a Kellogg RA Application form, you are added to an active directory of students interested and available to serve as Kellogg Research Assistants when the need arises. Kellogg’s Research Support RA Matching team will reach out to you if a project for which you are a suitable candidate becomes available.

Interested students should complete the Kellogg RA Application Form.

Upon receipt of your application, our team will follow up with you to further assess your skills and experience and request additional information, as needed.

If you have any questions, please email


Kellogg RA Matching Support