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Ramadan 2020

Dear friends,

Hope you are all safe and in good health. Ramadan, a month in which many Muslims observe the spiritual practice of abstaining from food/water and practice rituals in community will begin this upcoming Thursday evening April 23rd.  The first fast will be Friday April 24th through May 24th. This year, under the circumstances of COVID-19, many Muslims around the globe including our students at Northwestern face very unique challenges and will practice rituals in quarantine. We are excited to support our students through several opportunities for virtual community engagement and daily pick-up meals to break their fast. 

The flyer below features some basic information about Ramadan on the Evanston campus that you may share with your students and departments.  For further info, please contact Chaplain Tahera Ahmad

Some helpful tools for learning more about Ramadan:
Basic info on Ramadan: 

Suggestions for Ramadan in Quarantine:

Video link:

If you choose to wish a Muslim in Ramadan, it is suggested to say “Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak” which means “Have a Blessed Ramadan.”