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For additional guidance, see:
Common Questions and Answers on College Academic Life [pdf]

Add a class?

Up until the end of the add period (the end of the first week of class–see the academic calendar for deadlines) you may add a class on CAESAR yourself. After the add deadline, you must complete a Request to add/drop/PN form. See

Change my major to another major within SoC?

Make an appointment with an advisor in the major you want to transfer into by calling 847-491-7214. Then, complete an interdepartmental transfer form [doc] and submit it to the Student Resource Center in room 5-134 of the Music and Communication Building. You should also notify your old advisor that you are changing majors.

Declare a second major or minor in another School at NU?

For all WCAS programs, call or visit the department in which you wish to add a second major or minor and make an appointment to meet with whomever advises students in that major. Complete a declaration of major form and submit it to the WCAS Office of Studies at 1922 Sheridan Road. Some music majors are also possible to add as second majors, pending a successful audition and space in the program. Contact the School of Music Office of Student Affairs on the 2nd floor of the Music and Communication Building, for more information.

Drop a class?

Up until the drop deadline (see the academic calendar at for deadlines) you may drop a class yourself on CAESAR at If you will not have any graded work returned before the drop deadline and are concerned about how you are doing in a class, please notify your advisor about the situation immediately, and let them know when you will have the graded work returned. If you then decided to apply for a late drop, you must complete a Request to add/drop/PN form. See

If you need to withdraw from a course after the drop deadline, you can request a withdrawal.

Enroll in a class through the School of Professional Studies?

Complete a petition to enroll in a course in the School of Professional Studies and a dual registration form (available in the Registrar’s Office or the Student Resource Center) and submit the forms to The petition will be reviewed by the Undergraduate Dean to determine whether the course may count towards your degree. If she approves the course, the form is then forwarded to the Office of the Registrar. The School of Professional Studies limits enrollment in SPS courses to five undergraduates. Hence, you may not be enrolled in the course even if it is approved by the Undergraduate Dean. Students from the day school are not enrolled in SPS courses until after the first day of classes, so you must check CAESAR to make sure you are enrolled in the course.

Get verification of enrollment at NU?

Complete an enrollment verification request [pdf] and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

Give consent for access to my personal information or records?

Complete a consent for release of personal information/educational records form[pdf] and submit it to the Student Resource Center, in room 5-134 of the Music and Communication Building.

Learn about Student Organized Seminars?

To gain approval to teach a Student Organized Seminar, read through the directions for SOS courses and complete the student organized seminar course proposal form [pdf]. If the Undergraduate Dean approves the course, the Student Resource Center will register you and the students for the class directly. You will need to supply all students’ names and ID numbers to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Vickie Myrick-Smith, in MCB room 5-138.

Manage a time conflict?

CAESAR will not allow you to register for two courses if there is an overlap in the course meeting times (including the labs or discussion sections, if any).  If there is a conflict with an SoC course and there are circumstances that would allow you to fully participate in both courses that conflict, even with the time overlap, you can request preliminary approval from the SoC Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Advising at If the Associate Dean grants approval, you can request both professors’ approval using the Time Conflict Permission Form available on the Registrar’s website at graduation/registration/time-conflict.html.

Receive transfer credit?

If you have not yet taken the coursework, but are considering enrolling at another school for the summer or a quarter, complete a form the online Application for Credit for a Non-Northwestern Course. Once you have completed the coursework, you must have an official transcript sent to the Office of the Registrar for final credit evaluation.

If you took the courses prior to matriculation at NU, then have your transcript sent to the Office of the Registrar for evaluation.

The number of non-Northwestern credits you may apply to your degree is restricted by the Undergraduate Registration Requirement. Talk to your advisor if you have questions about this policy.

Register for an Independent Study (399)

Complete an independent study petition [pdf], have it signed by your sponsoring faculty member, and submit it to the Student Resource Center in room 5-134 of the Music and Communication Building. The SRC will register you directly for the course if it is approved by the Undergraduate Dean.

Register to be Part-Time?

If you register for less than 3 credits in a quarter, you will be considered to be enrolled part-time. It is highly recommended that you discuss your plans to go part time with your advisor before the start of the quarter, as this decision can affect your degree progress. When you meet, your advisor will review with you the implications of going part-time on your fulfillment of the University Registration Requirement and the requirements for your degree. You can indicate your intent to be part-time online via CAESAR up through the end of the add period (fifth day of classes). If you drop to less than 3 credits before the end of the add period, you will be considered part-time by both Financial Aid and Student Accounts, and will be billed accordingly. Students who drop down to part-time after the fifth day of the quarter will not receive any tuition refund.

Request an Incomplete Grade?

A grade of incomplete (Y) may be granted by an SoC instructor to a student who has completed most of the work for a course, but is not able to complete some of the requirements for a course due to serious extenuating circumstances, such as a medical emergency related to his or her physical or mental health (a physician’s documentation is usually required). If you have not completed most of the work for a class, and are unable to complete it due to a medical or other emergency, you should request a withdrawal from the course instead of an incomplete.

If you believe you will need an incomplete in a SoC class, you must complete the incomplete grade contract form and have it approved by your instructor no later than the last regular class meeting of the quarter. Your instructor must approve the incomplete and verify remaining assignments required for you to receive a grade. You will then have one quarter to complete the work for the class and receive a grade. Any extension beyond one quarter will only be made with written approval of the Undergraduate Dean prior to the end of the one-quarter period. If you have questions about this process, please call the Undergraduate Resource Center at 847-491-7214.

Note: Incompletes taken in non-SoC courses are subject to that school’s rules. For example, WCAS courses require permission of a dean for Xs or Ys. The grade of Y is given only in the face of documented illness or other extenuating circumstances. Students who receive grades of X (absent from final exam) in a WCAS course must have permission from the WCAS Dean’s office to take a makeup examination. If you have a legitimate need to take a grade of X or Y in a WCAS course, talk to the Undergraduate Dean in SoC and ask permission in the WCAS Office of Studies, 1922 Sheridan Road. If you are ill or have a family emergency and are unable to go to the Office of Studies yourself, contact the Undergraduate Dean at 847-491-7214.

Return to NU?

Complete a FRET form to indicate your intention to return to NU. It is best if you can complete this form a few weeks before the registration period for the quarter in which you wish to return to campus (see the academic calendar)

Transfer into the School of Communication?

Complete the online interschool transfer form and submit it prior to 5pm on the Friday of the fourth week of the quarter. Make an appointment with your new SoC advisor well ahead of theprior to the fifth Monday of the quarter by calling 847-491-7214.

Transfer to another school at Northwestern?

Complete the online interschool transfer form and submit it prior to the 5pm on the Friday of the fourth week of the quarter. Your SoC advisor can sign the form as the representative of your current school. You should then make an appointment with an advisor from the school into which you wish to transfer. The form is then submitted to the Office of the Registrar for processing.

Withdraw for a quarter or permanently?

If you are withdrawing for personal reasons, learn about the withdrawal policies [see], and submit the Term Withdrawal Request form for undergraduate students [see]. If you are seeking a medical leave of absence (MLOA), information and instructions on the completing this process are available on the Medical Leave of Absence page from Student Affairs [see].

Withdraw from a Class

Undergraduate students may request permission from their dean’s office to withdraw from a course or courses after the drop deadline (the end of the 6th week of the term). All approved withdrawals will result in a W (withdrawal) grade being posted to the transcript. Students must initiate a withdrawal request before noon two Fridays before final exams begin and before 5pm the business day before the due date of the final assessment for the course (exam, paper, project), whichever is earlier. To request a withdrawal, students should submit the Undergraduate Course Withdrawal Request to their academic advisor.