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Study Abroad Credit

Students are encouraged to consider studying abroad at some point during their educational career. Most aspects of study abroad are handled by the Study Abroad Office, which is located at 629 Colfax Street.

Northwestern Financial Aid can be used to pay for study abroad with a Northwestern or NU Affiliated program. There is a study abroad Financial Aid Advisor available to discuss the costs and support available for study abroad, her name is Krysta Bethel, and she can be reached at For more information on study abroad and financial aid, see .

Some study abroad programs have language requirements, so it is important to plan early if you are interested in studying abroad. Which quarter(s) will be most advantageous for going abroad depends on your major. The decision can also have implications for your Undergraduate Registration Requirement (URR). Talk with your academic advisor about this, and visit the Study Abroad Office in your first year. 

Courses taken while on an affiliated study abroad program are usually transferrable back to NU. Depending on the specific courses taken, these credits may be applied to distribution or elective requirements. Courses taken in a student’s major discipline while abroad are not permitted to count toward the student’s major requirements; they will only count as elective credit. Some majors have a requirement for courses in SoC but not in the major department; study abroad credits may sometimes be applied to these requirements. Students’ transcripts are evaluated by the Registrar’s Office upon their return to campus. Courses must be similar to those offered at NU in both discipline and academic rigor in order to receive transfer credit at NU. Final approval to apply study abroad credits to degree requirements is made by your academic advisor on the Study Abroad Credit Articulation form.