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School of Communication Seminars

The Northwestern University School of Communication is committed to elevating and expanding access to the communication arts and sciences. Bridging theory and practice, our immersive curriculum and research opportunities position students for professional success in education, scholarship, media and artistic work, policy analysis, and advocacy. Through these pathways, we are building a collaborative, interdisciplinary community known as much for its achievements as the breadth of voices, perspectives, and traditions that shape them. 

First Year Seminars 

SoC First Year Seminars are thematically focused, team taught, interdisciplinary courses that introduce students to the study of human communication and expression through the lens of speech and hearing sciences, social scientific and humanistic studies of media, and the arts of performance, film production and storytelling. Teams of two faculty from the School’s five departments and six undergraduate majors (communication studies, human communication sciences, performance studies, radio/television/film, theatre and dance) engage students in accessible and informative classroom experiences that explore the subject and methodology of their communication-related research, practice and creative work. 

Upon completion of CMN 101, students will be able to:

  • Apply different methods of research and analysis to their studies in the School of Communication and beyond. 
  • Engage in thoughtful and respectful discussion within and outside the classroom. 
  • Collaborate effectively with faculty and peers across disciplines, with an awareness of the benefits of interdisciplinary inquiry.  
  • Understand various academic perspectives, appreciate diverse human experiences, and recognize how their intersections help shape the various studies of communication. 

Senior Seminars 

In the senior seminars, SoC career professionals, faculty, alumni, and industry leaders draw from their areas of expertise to guide students’ exploration of careers in the communication arts and sciences. Students will develop portfolios that highlight their accomplishments, skills, and qualifications.

Upon completion of CMN 398, students will be able to:

  • Construct a dynamic portfolio that reflects knowledge gained from coursework, internships, research, independent studies, employment, personal experience, and creative and co-curricular activities.
  • Articulate knowledge of industry trends, demonstrate career readiness and professionalism.
  • Design an action plan to pursue either full time employment or graduate education.

Students enrolled in the senior seminars receive:

  • Feedback from alumni and other leaders in their areas of career interest.
  • Resume and portfolio review.
  • Professional headshots.
  • Membership in relevant professional organizations.

SoC Senior Seminars are open to all School of Communication majors with junior or senior standing.