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The School of Communication (SoC) at Northwestern University offers comprehensive undergraduate programs that span the entire range of human communication and expression, including basic and applied science, social and behavioral studies, the humanities, media, and fine arts. Reflecting the breadth of the field of communication, SoC students pursue careers in health, data science, digital and social media, policy, politics, advocacy, law, business, screen and stage performance, film and television creation, and much more. When joining the School of Communication, undergraduate students select from one of six majors: communication studies, dance, human communication sciences, performance studies, radio/television/film, and theatre. In addition to major coursework, students complete distribution and elective requirements that enable them to explore secondary interests both within and outside of the broad field communication, and create an undergraduate plan that best suits their academic and career interests. Non-SoC students are invited to learn about the field of communication through our six minors and parts of our innovative “modular” curriculum, which reflects the Schools commitment to integrating theory/research and practice in pursuit of creative collaboration, innovation, and futures in leadership. The Office of Undergraduate Programs and Advising supports students throughout their undergraduate career. Our team includes dedicated advisors in each department who help guide students along their personal journeys and connect them with resources throughout the University that can assist students in achieving their goals.