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Advising System Transition from Inspire to ConnectNU

Northwestern will launch a new advising platform, ConnectNU, on November 10. Like Inspire, ConnectNU is an online undergraduate advising platform which students and advisers use to schedule appointments and send messages. You will access ConnectNU exactly the same as you did with Inspire.

In the transition from Inspire to ConnectNU there are Important Actions and Dates related to Scheduling Advising Appointments to discuss Winter Registration.
In the table below you will see important actions and dates. Please read through the table to understand that you may want to use Inspire now to make future appointments before the move to ConnectNU on November 10.

Important Dates for Using ConnectNU
Up to November 9 Students can use Inspire to schedule a future advising appointment to occur up to November 13. No appointment times will display in Inspire beyond November 13.
November 9 Last day for students to use Inspire.
November 10 Students can log into ConnectNU although will not be able to view the appointments set up in Inspire (advisers and school staff will be able to view student appointments). Students will continue to receive reminders for future appointments that were made in Inspire. Should a student encounter a login problem with ConnectNU write to or call 847-491-HELP.
November 10 Students can login to ConnectNU and use the Schedule function where an adviser has appointments available. Not every office or adviser will have immediate availability. A student who didn’t schedule a future appointment using Inspire and wants to meet with adviser who does not have immediate availability in ConnectNU can contact their adviser or the Office of Undergraduate Programs and Advising
November 16 Students can schedule an appointment in ConnectNU.