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Advising Category: Academic Support

Academic Support and Learning Advancement (ASLA)

The Office of Academic Support and Learning Advancement provides support across courses and academic strategy planning. Explore opportunities for peer tutoring, study groups, academic leadership development, and more. Find more information and learn how to make an appointment on their website:

Accessible NU

If you have been diagnosed with a disability, you may receive accommodations in your classes by registering with Accessible NU. Accessible NU can also refer students who suspect they may have an undiagnosed learning disability. Their website is:

Digital Learning

Northwestern is committed to ensuring students remain connected to courses and learning resources while participating in courses remotely. The digital learning page provides you with access to information to ensure you are prepared for—and can excel at—studies and participation in courses via Canvas, Zoom, and other online tools. The website URL is:

The SoC Undergraduate Dean

The Undergraduate Dean, Lori Baptista, can help guide you to support services and work with you in managing academic issues when challenges such as illness, family emergencies or mental health issues arise. Call 847-491-7214 or email if you have any concerns or would like to make an appointment with Dean Baptista.

SoC Advising

Your advisor can help you with course planning, identification of academic opportunities, time-management, note-taking and study skills, or any challenges or frustrations you may be having. Their contact information is on the SoC Advising site, at The advising site also includes information on major and minor requirements, policies and rules, and general academic information.

Tutoring, mentoring & support services

Students have access to a wide support of academic support services through both Northwestern and the School of Communications. For a full list of tutoring, mentoring and support services, visit the ‘Academic Support’ tab on the Campus Resources page.