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Biological Sciences Conducting New Placement Test; Registration Deadline This Friday, January 15

We are reaching out to you today in the event that you have possible interest in Biological Sciences coursework.

We are pleased to announce that based on the revised early Biology curriculum starting this year, a Biological Sciences Placement Exam will be offered remotely during the week of January 18th, 2021. Through this exam, students can place directly into BIOL_SCI 202 Cell Biology offered every Fall quarter without completion of BIOL_SCI 201 Molecular Biology offered every Spring quarter. Any student who has not yet completed BIOL_SCI 201 (or BIOL_SCI 215 from the 2019-20 catalog) is welcome to take the placement exam. We encourage any students interested to take the Biology placement exam, regardless of their prior coursework before enrollment at Northwestern. The test evaluates core competencies in the subject area of Molecular Biology and goes further than the content of AP or IB Biology, such that the program anticipates that a small percentage of students will be placed into BIOL_SCI 202 based on this exam.

Any student interested in taking the placement exam should submit an interest form by January 15th here:
As always, please feel free to reach out to us here at the biological sciences office with any questions that you have!

Best Regards,
Biological Sciences