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CMN 101 SoC First Year Seminar: Bodies, Spaces and Sound

The spring quarter first-year seminar is on Caesar with no permission number required, open to any SoC first-year or SoC sophomore. This class is a wonderful opportunity for exploring dance, movement, field recording, and podcasting! Also a great opportunity to study with the new head of the dance program and one of the core members of the Sound Studies faculty. This should be a very cool class.

Meeting time: 1-2:20pm Tuesdays

Location: Wirtz Bergen

Instructors: Melissa Blanco Borelli (Dance) and Neil Verma (RTVF)

.5 (elective) credits

Short Description: This course is for students interested in the ways that sound and bodies make meaning across cultures. The class will focus on forms of dialogue across sound and bodies and how they are mediated in different ways (e.g., on screen, on stage, through speakers). We will draw from the course leaders’ respective research expertise in popular dance on screen, dance studies, world music, recording practices and sound studies. Participation in the class will combine elements of movement, creativity, performance, field recordings and student podcasting.