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Global Im/Mobilities: Borders, Migration, and Citizenship

***New Course for Winter 2021***

Global Im/Mobilities: Borders, Migration, and Citizenship

SPANISH 397-0-2 (Class # 26909)
ANTHRO 390-0-31 (Class # 29054)
Tuesdays/Thursdays: 2:00PM – 3:20PM
Instructor: Dr. Charles A. McDonald

This seminar asks the following questions about borders, migration, and citizenship:
(1) What are the forces—political, cultural, and environmental—that facilitate or inhibit human circulation? (2) How do governments, NGOs, scholars, and wider publics draw distinctions between legitimate and illegitimate forms of human mobility (e.g., “economic migrants” versus “refugees”)? (3) How are migrants affected by efforts to regulate their movement, and what alternative forms of citizenship and belonging have they created? Drawing on a geographically diverse range of examples, we will read widely across anthropology, history, and political theory, as well as journalism and fiction. Collectively, we will explore the ways that global im/mobilities have been lived,  and how they shape our world today.


Global Immobiliities Flyer 2021