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New Movement Project (NMP)

After a year-long hiatus, New Movement Project (NMP), and one of its most-loved event series flux, are back, and we want you to join us!  NMP strives to facilitate the creative goals of dancers at Northwestern by offering opportunities for dancing, performing, and choreographing to the community.  Acting as a liaison between the Dance Program and students, NMP utilizes internal resources as well as departmental, university, and community partnerships to provide students with opportunities outside the Dance Program curriculum.

Flux is a freeform, hour-ish-long weekly meeting where members of Northwestern’s dance community have the opportunity to come together and improvise, learn/set choreography, or teach a class in the style of their choosing.  Come out Tuesday, Oct. 5th at 7:30, in Wirtz 201, to dance with us, as well as learn about E-merge. 

E-merge is a technological response to human experience, a combination of live and virtual events, and a re-thinking of the yearly Fall Dance Concert. A celebration/performance/movement event first in real-time, then virtually, with a film crafted from each event’s happenings to be released after the last event. Each event will be a 2-3 hour commitment over the course of one day or night.  If you are interested in participating as a facilitator or choreographer, or partnering with someone for either role email Jeff at   

If you are interested in dancing, filming/editing, or participating in any way please follow our Facebook  and/or Instagram @newmovementproject and stay tuned!

Feel free to reach out to Maddie  ( or Erin ( with any questions!