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Grade Changes 

It is the policy of the School of Communication that a final grade, once given, is final. In the event that an instructor does make an error in the reporting of a final grade, request the instructor to complete a change of grade form online through CAESAR. If you are missing a grade, check with the instructor. 

Grade Scale 

The following grades are included in computing the GPA: 

                        A      4.0 

                        A-     3.7 

                        B+    3.3 

                        B      3.0 

                        B-     2.7 

                        C+    2.3 

                        C      2.0 

                        C-     1.7 

                        D     1.0 

                        F      0.0 

                        X      0.0  Failed to earn credit: missed final exam 

                        Y      0.0  Failed to earn credit: work incomplete 

      The following grades are not included in computing the GPA: 

                        P      Pass with credit 

                        NR   No grade, no credit 

                        K      In progress 

                        S      Satisfactory (noncredit course) 

                        U     Unsatisfactory (noncredit course) 

                        W    Withdrawn by permission