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AP/IB credit articulation

Application to Distribution Requirements

Test credit from eligible Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores may be applied to undergraduate degree requirements. To see university policies on AP/IB credit, guidelines for submitting scores, and current AP and IB credit recognition tables, visit:

SoC allows AP/IB credits to count toward distribution or elective  course requirements, according to the following allocation rules:  

  • Up to ten credits earned may be applied to degree requirements.  
  • Only one credit may be applied to each of the Math/Science/Technology (MST), Individual/Social Behavior (ISB), and Humanities/Fine Arts (HFA) categories. However, the major in Human Communication Sciences may allow up to 2.34 credits to be applied to the MST category.  
  • Up to six credits may then be counted as Additional Distribution credits, and one more credit may be counted as an elective 

Note that NU has an Undergraduate Registration Requirement (URR) that limits the total number of AP/IB, domestic transfer, and study abroad credits that may apply to the degree. Students who apply a large number of AP credits toward degree requirements will be limited in the number of domestic transfer credits or study abroad credits that can also be applied toward the degree. Details of the URR, including how many NU credits and quarters are required, can be found at: