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Duplication of Courses

Courses of the same content may not typically be repeated for credit. For the vast majority of classes, repeating a course will result in the loss of credit for the first time it was taken. However, the grades from both course registrations will be factored into the GPA; grades of “D” or “F” may not be replaced by re-registering for the course.  

Furthermore, students may not take an earlier course in a sequence if they have received credit for a subsequent course.  Doing so results in losing credit for the latter of the two.  This rule also applies to AP credits.  For instance, if a student has an AP credit for MATH 220-1, the student cannot also get credit for taking that course or an earlier one (e.g. MATH 218-1).  

Some courses, such as special topics courses, are designed for repetition.  These courses share one course number, but the content and professors change regularly.  Students may repeat these courses as long as the content is different.  A few of these courses have specific limits on number of repetitions.