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Graduation Participation Year

Graduation ceremonies are held in June of any given academic year. Invitations to participate in a June ceremony are extended to students whose degrees are conferred in December of the prior calendar year, or in March, June, or August of the same year. Students who would like to participate in a year that does not fit this pattern can submit a petition to change their graduation participation year.

Students may participate in only one set of graduation ceremonies. For example, if a student who graduates one year early participates in the year that they graduate, they may not also participate in the following year along with students with whom they may have matriculated.

Important note: The University’s commencement booklet lists only those students who have completed their degree requirements by the time of the graduation ceremonies. If a student has not resolved a deficiency in time, or if they will be graduating at the end of that summer or later, they will not be included in the commencement booklet. They may still participate in the ceremonies, but their name will be listed in the commencement booklet that is published after they have completed their degree requirements.