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Internships allow students to gain valuable organizational experience and apply theoretical knowledge to situations outside of the classroom. A total of 4 units of internship credit is permitted to count toward the undergraduate SoC degree. However, additional restrictions may apply depending on a student’s other coursework, such as practica or independent studies, so students should consult with their SoC advisor on how credits may be applied. 

 Students seeking academic credit through SoC while working at an internship enroll in a weekly seminar (CMN 340) led by an internship coordinator. SoC’s Office of External Programs, Internships and Career Services (EPICS) maintains a database for SoC students of internships primarily in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York City, and opportunities may be available in other cities as well.  Students can also find their own internships, and obtain approval to register them for credit through EPICS. 

SoC students may also participate in Weinberg’s Chicago Field Studies program; however, credit earned in the program will also be counted toward the limit of 4 internship credits total for the degree.  


Regardless of whether internship credit comes from EPICS (taught by SoC faculty under CMN 340) or Chicago Field Studies (CFS in Weinberg), the limit of 4 internship credits to count toward SoC degree requirements supersedes the CFS policy of 6 allowed. 

 Within the total 4 units of internship allowable for your degree: 

  • One unit of CMN 340 can apply toward your major. Communication Studies, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Performance Studies, and Radio/TV/Film have additional restrictions on internships, independent studies, research practica and other special course types. 
  • One unit of CFS internship credit can apply as an additional distribution course. CFS internship credit cannot apply to your major. 
  • Additional credits of CMN 340 or CFS will count as electives. 

 Students may earn more than four credits from internship enrollment (this is sometimes advisable for international students or when a particular employer requires credit is received), but no more than four will count among the 42 required for the degree.