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Another opportunity for SoC students to earn academic credit and engage with faculty beyond their regular coursework is through an SoC Practicum. An SoC practicum offers students opportunities to assist with research, teaching, production and/or creative projects alongside faculty members. The practicum experience yields numerous benefits, including the chance to experiment with applying theoretical classroom knowledge to real-world scenarios, fostering hands-on learning and deeper insights. Additionally, students may develop individualized learning goals and refine specific skills depending on the practicum’s focus, such as teaching, research methods, industry technologies, and production. Regular collaboration with a faculty mentor offers valuable feedback, aiding in personal growth and improvement throughout the practicum journey.

Policies and Procedures:

Professor approval is required to register. Some departments require a form to be submitted (CSD 398-0; THEATRE 395-0), while others require students to obtain a permission number directly from the professor (COMM ST 389-0; RTVF 389-0).