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SoC Major Policies and Declaration

Declare an SoC Major 

 Students in the School of Communication earn a BA or BS in Communication, not in their selected major. The degree will appear on the diploma, and the major will appear on the transcript. 

 Because SoC doesn’t have the option of an undeclared major, any student whose primary major is in SoC has a declared major; no additional paperwork is required for SoC students to declare their majors. Students who interschool transfer into SoC select a major on their application form, and thus also have a declared major upon finalization of the interschool transfer.  

To view all of the majors offered by SoC, visit the Majors in SoC page on the advising website. To view all programs offered by the School of Communication, visit:   

 SoC students have the option of pursuing double majors or adjunct majors outside the School of Communication, as well as minors either within or outside the School of Communication.