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Time Conflicts

CAESAR will not allow you to register for two courses if there is an overlap in the course meeting times (including the labs or discussion sections, if any).  If there is a conflict with an SoC course and there are circumstances that would allow you to fully participate in both courses that conflict, even with the time overlap, you can request both professors’ approval using the Time Conflict Permission Form available on the Registrar’s website at graduation/registration/time-conflict.html 

Once you obtain the instructors’ approval, submit the form to the Office of the Registrar  Submission of a request does not automatically result in enrollment in the course with the time conflict; even if approval is granted, the process typically takes one or two days.


Exam Time Conflicts 

It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that there are no conflicts between the scheduled final exams for the courses in which you register. CAESAR does not check for this, so students must do so. Each quarter, the final exam schedule is published on the Registrar’s website at 

 Occasionally an instructor may schedule an exam that does not follow the Registrar’s guidelines, or the class itself may be scheduled at an unusual time that results in an exam time conflict. If the issue cannot be resolved by working with the instructor of the unusually-scheduled class/exam time, students can consult with their academic advisor.