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SoC Summer Internship Award Program

Apply to fund your summer work experience!

The Hammerschlag Internship Award

This initiative is made possible by the generous donation of the Hammerschlag Family, provides funding to students interning over the summer quarter in any city.

The Molotsky Internship

Because of the generous donation of Barbara Molotsky, the award provides funding to students to help defray the living expenses associated with interning outside of the Chicagoland area. This award is available during the summer quarter.

The WCLV Internship Award

Robert Conrad has generously donated funds to provide funding for students interning over the summer quarter in any marker. While all SoC students are welcome to apply, preference is given for students with internships in the radio industry.

The Bomback Internship Award

This was established in 2018 and is made possible through the generosity of Tema and Mark Bomback. It is open to all SoC majors who obtain a summer internship in New York or Los Angeles.

Application Opens: Monday, March 14th

Deadline to Apply:  Monday, April 18th

Apply on the SES One Form