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Graduation Checklist for Undergraduate Students

Petition to Graduate

Students are expected to submit their graduation petition form to complete a Bachelor’s degree to the Office of the Registrar one calendar year prior to their intended graduation date (e.g., file graduation petition in June 2021 for an expected graduation date in June 2022.) Information on how to petition to graduate, including deadlines and links to forms, are available on the Office of the Registrar’s website:

Check Degree Progress Report During Petition Process

Students should regularly review their degree progress report in CAESAR to ensure that they are making good progress towards the completion of their degree requirements and are prepared to discuss any discrepancy with their advisor.

Meet with Advisor(s)

Students must meet with their SoC major/minor advisor(s) to receive approval of their graduation plan.  Once approval is granted and review of degree requirements is completed, the major/minor advisor signs the graduation petition.  Details of the petition process can be found at

Update Contact Information

Students should keep their address(es) and phone numbers current in CAESAR.  Students should also regularly check their Northwestern student email account to view important messages sent by the Office of the Registrar regarding degree requirements and progress toward degree completion.

Continue Checking Your Degree Progress Report

Students need to check their degree progress report before registering for their last quarter to ensure appropriate course selection.

Order Regalia

Students participating in university commencement and/or the SoC convocation ceremonies must order a cap and gown. Students may order their regalia through the University Commencement website at

Respond to Communications Regarding Graduation

As the university prepares for graduation events, you may receive Commencement-related emails or surveys from the University or Convocation-related emails from the School of Communication requesting you to complete such actions as recording your name, ordering and obtaining your tickets, picking up materials, or letting organizers know whether you have decided to not participate in graduation events. You may also receive warnings from the Office of the Registrar if you have any outstanding graduation requirements.  Make sure to respond to these communications in a timely manner to ensure that your road to graduation is as smooth as possible, and you can enjoy the festivities in celebration of your accomplishments.

Receive Your Diploma

Diplomas are mailed to the student’s permanent home address listed on CAESAR approximately 6 weeks after degree conferral.


  • The degree auditors at the Office of the Registrar ( as well as your primary academic advisor in SoC can assist with questions about completion of degree requirements for graduation.
  • The School of Communication (847-491-7214 or can assist with questions regarding the School of Communication Convocation, as well as with questions about cords for modules or Lambda Pi Eta.
  • The Commencement Office (847-491-3600 or can assist with questions regarding the university-wide Commencement, as well as with questions about regalia and senior week events.