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Upcoming Events – ASLA’s Navigating Northwestern Academics

Demystifying the Role of Faculty: Creating a Connection with Your Professors

Thursday, January 18, 2024 – 5:30-7:00

Student Enrichment Services- Foster Walker- House 6- KC Lounge

This is event is focusing on the FGLI student experience. Hear from FGLI faculty and students on how to navigate relationships with faculty and create meaningful connections. Participants will have a chance to talk with panelists, so bring your questions! Dinner provided.

Faculty & Staff Panelists:

Neal Blair, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth and Planetary Sciences
Myrna Garcia, Associate Professor of Instruction, Latina and Latino Studies
Christine McCary, Asst Dean of Academic Advising, Weinberg College of Arts & Sciences, and Professor of Instruction, Department of Molecular Biosciences.

Register here before 1/14




Managing Your Course Reading and Writing Load: Tricks of the Trade from Northwestern Experts

Tuesday, February 6th, 2024 – 5:00-6:30pm

Shepard B25

Event Description: Hear from faculty and experienced students about critical strategies for success in reading- and writing-intensive courses. Join us and learn about the study strategies, in-class practices, and other habits that can help you stay on track in demanding courses that require substantial reading and writing.

Faculty & Staff Panelists:

Joanna Grisinger, Associate Professor of Instruction; Director of Legal Studies and Director of Undergraduate Studies; Center for Legal Studies
Elizabeth Lenaghan, Director and Associate Professor of Instruction, Cook Family Writing Program; Assistant Director, The Writing Place
Robert Ward, Assistant Professor of Instruction, Weinberg College Advisor, Cook Family Writing Program & African American Studies Department

Register here before 2/2