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Theatre Management

The Theatre Management Module is a platform to bring together our community of theatre producers and managers to connect their various theatre management experiences at the Wirtz Center for the Performing Arts, in the student theatre community (STUCO), in professional theatre internships in Chicago and elsewhere, with SoC and other Schools’ theatre management-related classes to create a comprehensive, multi-year learning and transitional arc into the professional theatre. 

This module will prepare students to begin careers as theatre managers and leaders after graduating from Northwestern University. 

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of professional theatre management in America today. 
  • Articulate an individual theatre management and leadership point of view. 
  • Demonstrate practical theatre producing and management skills, including staff and volunteer leadership and management, production management, stage management, budgeting, contracts and negotiations, developing new works, community engagement, and marketing and fundraising within the Wirtz Center. 


Theatre Management Course Requirements


Community Building Activities 

Theatre Management and Leadership Seminar: A two-hour seminar will be held once each quarter and will include a leading theatre manager/leader from Chicago (or elsewhere) who will speak about a timely and relevant theatre management topic as well as about their career path and current projects. 


The Capstone should include: 

  • A Personal Professional Portfolio which must include: 
    • A professional bio of not more than 250 words 
    • A professional theatre management resume 
    • At least two (2) letters of recommendation focused on your management and leadership skills 
    • A sample professional cover letter 
    • A cover page and a table of contents 
    • Please note: the Portfolio must be submitted both electronically and on paper 
  • Submission of a Theatre Management Work Portfolio that includes at least one of the following: Production Book, Business Plan, Strategic Plan, Budget, Marketing and P.R. Plan, Fundraising/Development Plan from classes taken in the Module. 
  • A Theatre Management Reflection Statement which includes the following: 
    • Understanding of professional theatre management as well as a familiarization with the individuals who are leaders in the field today 
    • An overview of theatre companies and other professional producing and theatre management opportunities/jobs available in the United States and globally 
    • A Theatre Management and Leadership philosophy statement reflecting module coursework, theatre management experiences on and off campus, professional practices, management skills and leadership styles. 
    • Reflection of any off campus productions and/or theatre companies that illuminates theatre management and leadership challenges and successes 
  • An in-depth oral review of your Theatre Management Work Portfolio and a defense of your Theatre Management Reflection Statement. 
  • A Plan articulating reasonable post-graduation professional goals and next steps that will guide the student to begin working in and/or further studying professional theatre management: 
    • What skills have been developed/experiences they have had at NU 
    • A list of professional attainable goals based on said skills/experiences 
    • A list of future goals attainable in three years or beyond 


Sponsoring Department: Theatre 

Module Coordinator (main student contacts): Barbara Butts and Brannon Bowers 

Module Advisor: Catherine Carrigan 

How to Enroll

This module is open to all NU undergraduates.

Entry Procedure: 

All NU students are eligible for the Theatre Management Module. Students will be admitted into the module following an interview to determine their interest in the module. After being admitted, students will be guided by a mentor in the selection of optional courses to match their specific area(s) of interest in theatre management. 

To apply contact Catherine Carrigan, module advisor, 

Grade Policy

Students must maintain a B- average in module coursework. If their average falls below B-, they will not be permitted to submit a capstone.