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Category: News and Announcements

New Academic Advisor: Vanessa Champagne

Dear School of Communication Students, Faculty and Staff, It is my pleasure to introduce you to our newest colleague, Vanessa Champagne. Video Clip. Vanessa joins the undergraduate academic advising team and the faculty in Theatre and Dance as an academic advisor for Theatre class of 2022, Dance Majors and Minors. Please join me in welcoming

Global Im/Mobilities: Borders, Migration, and Citizenship

***New Course for Winter 2021*** Global Im/Mobilities: Borders, Migration, and Citizenship SPANISH 397-0-2 (Class # 26909) ANTHRO 390-0-31 (Class # 29054) Tuesdays/Thursdays: 2:00PM – 3:20PM Instructor: Dr. Charles A. McDonald This seminar asks the following questions about borders, migration, and citizenship: (1) What are the forces—political, cultural, and environmental—that facilitate or inhibit human circulation? (2) How do governments, NGOs, scholars, and wider publics draw distinctions

Distinguished Secondary Teacher Award

Northwestern Seniors, Please think about a high school teacher who made a difference in your life and take a few minutes to nominate that person for the 2021 Distinguished Secondary Teacher Award. The nomination process takes only about the length of a study break, but can make a world of difference to a teacher. Former

ConnectNU Has Replaced Inspire; Schedule Your Advising Appointments Using ConnectNU!

ConnectNU is Northwestern University’s new online undergraduate advising platform that you can use to schedule your advising appointments. Use the following links to learn about the new system and to log into ConnectNU! ConnectNU Log In: Undergrad Advising ConnectNU: ConnectNU guide for Students: FAQs:

The Jeopardy! National College Championship

We are currently casting for an all-new competition featuring 15 colleges from across the country. The Jeopardy! National College Championship promises to be a competition like you’ve never seen before! Please help us spread the word to your current undergraduate students and have them take the test to see if they could be the new college champion.

Help us make a Greek Chorus!

AMTP and UC Davis are working together to create a new experimental music theatre project entitled re: [CLICK], and we are in search of a wide range of people to be a part of our “greek chorus”. To be a chorus member is simple! *Assigned two short lines from the script *Asked to record them

Splash Volunteer Opportunity

Splash at Northwestern is an one-day educational outreach event where Northwestern students teach their favorite topic to high school students from Chicagoland and beyond. This year, we have over 50 classes and over 90 sections. Since the event is going virtual, we are looking for volunteers to moderate the classrooms. Responsibilities include managing the zoom

Advising System Transition from Inspire to ConnectNU

Northwestern will launch a new advising platform, ConnectNU, on November 10. Like Inspire, ConnectNU is an online undergraduate advising platform which students and advisers use to schedule appointments and send messages. You will access ConnectNU exactly the same as you did with Inspire. In the transition from Inspire to ConnectNU there are Important Actions and

Civic Engagement Certificate Program

Find your place in working toward social change with the Civic Engagement Certificate Program   The past six months have brought us the many challenges associated with COVID as well as a groundswell in racial justice movements. The next few months will bring an election and potential transition of power.  The Civic Engagement Certificate Program provides a forum