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School of Professional Studies Courses

Northwestern University School of Professional Studies (SPS) offers evening and weekend programs that are primarily designed and intended to meet the educational needs of working adults. 

Under special circumstances, SoC Undergraduate students may want to enroll in an SPS course. SPS courses may be applied to a SoC degree if they are similar to classes taught in the six undergraduate schools at NU. Review the course description or syllabus with your Academic Advisor to determine whether the course might fulfill a distro, elective, or other course requirement towards your degree progress. Classes must be approved by the Undergraduate Dean. Students may apply a maximum of four approved SPS courses toward an SoC degree. 

 Procedures for requesting enrollment in a course in the School of Professional Studies: 

  1. Discuss your plans to take an SPS course with your Academic Advisor.  
  2. Complete both an SoC SPS Course Petition form AND the Office of the Registrar’s Dual Registration freevo form  for review and evaluation by the SoC Undergraduate Dean.  
  3. If the Undergraduate Dean approves the registration, the dual registration form is forwarded to the Office of the Registrar. 
  4. SoC students will not be enrolled in SPS courses until the first week of the given quarter because priority is given to SPS students.  
  5. If the SoC Undergraduate Dean has approved, and if space is available at the start of the quarter, students will be enrolled in the SPS course by the Office of the Registrar.