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School of Professional Studies Courses

Northwestern University School of Professional Studies (SPS) offers evening and weekend programs that are primarily intended to meet the educational needs of working adults.

Under special circumstances, students may want to enroll in a SPS course. SPS courses may be applied to a SoC degree if they are similar to classes taught in the six undergraduate schools at NU; however, approval will only be granted if extenuating circumstances prevent a student from enrolling in a class that is also taught in an undergraduate school.  Classes must be approved by the Undergraduate Dean; and students are asked to provide a course description or syllabus when they apply to take an SPS course.

Students must get a dual enrollment slip and a petition to enroll in a course in the School of Professional Studies from the Student Resource Center on the fifth floor of the Music and Communication Building, complete these forms and submit them for approval.  The Undergraduate Dean reviews the information and evaluates the SPS course. 

The University Registrar’s Office enrolls students in SPS courses only if space is available in the relevant class at the start of the quarter. SoC students won’t be enrolled in SPS courses until the add period (the first week of the new quarter) because the University hold the spots for SPS students first. Students may apply a maximum of four approved SPS courses toward a SoC degree.