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Junior Year Resources

Dear School of Communication Junior: 

 These web pages include information and links to resources designed to help you make the most of your final year at NorthwesternInternship opportunities and career counseling are available through SoC’s External Programs, Internships and Career Services unit, and the Northwestern Career Advancement Office; these may be especially relevant as you prepare to transition to life beyond Northwestern. There are also fun opportunities for special classes and co-curricular activities that you can take advantage of during your senior year! Additional links are provided below.  

Please review the Office of the Registrar’s graduation preparation information, which includes petition submission deadlines, prior to your junior meeting with your academic advisor. During this meeting, you will begin the process of petitioning to graduate. Once you’ve submitted your electronic petition for your primary major and have had it approved, you will need to use the same interface to submit petitions for any secondary plans, such as double majors or minors.  It is your responsibility to complete the process by submitting the completed electronic petition once all plans have been approved.  

Best wishes for a successful senior year! 

Lori D. Barcliff Baptista 
Associate DeanUndergraduate Programs and Advising 

Resource Web Pages