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NetID Deactivation

NET ID – A student’s NetID is active for 127 days after the expiration date on the wildcard. The NetID access is taken away in increments.*

Days from NetID expirationNetID active? Progression of events
0Yes SES discontinues sending data for the NetID.
127Yes Notification is sent to NetID owner describing pending deactivation.
148No The NetID password is scrambled and cannot be reset. If a University Exchange Account had been present, it can no longer be accessed. Online Directory/Global Address List (GAL) listing is removed.

*More information on the NetID expiration schedule can be found here.


E-Mail – Student email is provided through a partnership with Google and will continue as long as the service exists. Graduating students can authenticate with their full email address and email password. NOTE: If a student uses an Exchange account ( instead of, it will be deleted at 148 days per the schedule above.


Electronic Services/Software – Any services connected to a students’ NetID (e.g. Microsoft Office 365 (including OneNote), Canvas, CAESAR, BlueJeans, Zoom, and WebEx) require a valid NetID and will not be accessible 148 days after the last assertion date of the NetID.


SPAC – Students automatically have membership privileges if they are enrolled in one or more units of credit in a degree-seeking program.  SPAC will typically extend a one free quarter to recent grads which should be automatic, but if there are problems, students should visit the membership offices.


 Library Services will extend borrowing privileges to students through the dates that they are registered for classes. Once they are no longer registered for class, any materials they loaned while registered continue on their normal borrowing timeline (16 weeks loan) and are due on the return date. However, due dates can be shortened should your Wildcard expire during the loan period, which means your materials will be due on your Wildcard expiration date. After this point, students are no longer able to checkout items on their undergraduate NU student ID. Northwestern alumni can gain access to the library during open hours by using an Alumni Borrower’s Card and can check out items. Alumni can purchase an Alumni Borrower’s Card for a fee of $25.00/year at the central circulation desk. More information on library services can be found here:


Shuttle Services – Shuttle drivers do not have scanners and use the exp. date on the card to determine shuttle eligibility. Expired Wildcards will not be accepted. If your Wildcard is expired, you have two options: 1) You do not ride the bus, and the bus driver returns the expired card. 2) You can ride the bus one-way, but the driver will confiscate the expired card. It will not be returned to you. Shuttle regulations can be found here:


 NU Wildcard  – Most graduates (Spring) will have an expiration date of June 30th. However, the WILDCARD Office says that all services will be cut off for the student on the day that the student’s enrollment status is changed to graduated.  It is up to the individual offices to extend or not extend privileges. Wildcard information can be found here:


Searle Student Health Center – Students actively enrolled in a degree-seeking program at Northwestern in a school other than the School of Professional Studies (SPS) are eligible for Northwestern’s Student Health Insurance Program and have access to the Searle Health Center from September 1 – August 30th. Graduating students who have taken at least one class during the current academic year are eligible to use NUHS during the summer term immediately following graduation. More information can be found here:


Student Activity Fee – The activity fees are tied to enrollment.  Students pay the athletic fee in the fall quarter and the ASG and Health Services fee every quarter.  The fees are tied to enrollment – no enrollment, no fees.  Please refer to individual departments regarding use of facilities during non-enrollment quarter.


Student Housing – Unenrolled students will not be allowed to stay in student housing and must complete a cancellation with the Housing Office prior to the end of the quarter immediately preceding non-enrolled quarter.