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Advising Category: Registration


Dean’s List (SoC) Each quarter, students who obtain a GPA of 3.75 or higher for the quarter (not the cumulative GPA) are placed on the SoC Dean’s List. Departmental Distinction Each department may designate the top 5% of its graduating seniors as graduating with departmental distinction.  This honor is entered on the transcript. Department Honors (Honors Thesis) The


Grade Changes  It is the policy of the School of Communication that a final grade, once given, is final. In the event that an instructor does make an error in the reporting of a final grade, request the instructor to complete a change of grade form online through CAESAR. If you are missing a grade, check with

Full Time, Part Time, and Overload Credit

Full-time  A full-time course load is typically three or four units of credit per quarter. This definition differs from the definition of a quarter of NU registration for the purposes of the Undergraduate Registration Requirement (URR), which is registration in at least two units of credit. See the University’s URR webpage for details:  Note that for students who enter Northwestern as a first-year student, if you take four courses per quarter, you would earn 48 credits over 12 quarters. However, you need only 42

Class Standing and Advising Cohort

Your class standing (senior, junior, sophomore, first year) is determined by the number of credits that you have earned toward your degree. However, your advising cohort is determined by when you matriculated to NU (for students who entered as first year students) or by how many credits you have at the time of matriculation (for transfer

Add and Drop Courses

Regular Adds  During the add period (through the end of the first week of each term), you can add yourself to classes via CAESAR.  Take note of prerequisites and whether you need permission numbers.  Between pre-registration and the beginning of the quarter, you can use CAESAR to enroll yourself in up to 4.68 credits. If you would like

Deadlines – Academic & Financial

IMPORTANT NOTE: The deadlines for making enrollment adjustments (adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses) that affect your tuition are not necessarily the same as the deadlines to add and drop classes for academic reasons. To determine how adding and dropping classes will affect your tuition bill, it is important to look at the student finance deadlines. This is particularly true for coursework taken in

AP/IB credit articulation

Application to Distribution Requirements Test credit from eligible Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores may be applied to undergraduate degree requirements. To see university policies on AP/IB credit, guidelines for submitting scores, and current AP and IB credit recognition tables, visit: SoC allows AP/IB credits to count toward distribution or elective  course requirements, according