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Advising Category: Registration

Petition to Graduate

Graduation Petition Procedure   Students should petition to graduate approximately one calendar year prior to their intended graduation date. The purpose of the graduation petition process is to declare one’s expected graduation term, and confirm that any remaining requirements can be completed by graduation.  The School of Communication requires all of its major, minor, and certificate

Time Conflicts

CAESAR will not allow you to register for two courses if there is an overlap in the course meeting times (including the labs or discussion sections, if any).  If there is a conflict with an SoC course and there are circumstances that would allow you to fully participate in both courses that conflict, even with

Pass/Not Pass (P/N) Grading Option

 If you are interested in taking a course that is out of your normal area of study, or that might be highly challenging for you, and that is not a distribution or major requirement, taking the class Pass/Not Pass (P/N) might be an option. If you register for a course P/N, then either a “Pass” (P)

Incomplete Grades

Northwestern undergraduate students may request an incomplete grade of Y only in a course in which they have substantially completed the work, including any requirements of attendance or engagement. The university minimally requires that more than 50% of the course requirements must be complete in order for the course to be “substantially completed.” Students must also be

Duplication of Courses

Courses of the same content may not typically be repeated for credit. For the vast majority of classes, repeating a course will result in the loss of credit for the first time it was taken. However, the grades from both course registrations will be factored into the GPA; grades of “D” or “F” may not be replaced by re-registering for

Supplemental Enrollment Benefit

Students who have been enrolled and paid full-time tuition for 12 quarters (students who began as freshmen) or 9 quarters (students who began after transferring from another institution) and are unable to complete their bachelor’s degree in that time due to circumstances beyond their control are eligible to apply for the University to pay the

Transfer Credits from Non-NU Institutions

Transfer Credit  Students may transfer in courses taken at another institution, and apply them toward their Northwestern degree. However, the number of courses that may be taken at another institution is limited by the Undergraduate Registration Requirement (URR), and depends on whether a student matriculates as a first year or a transfer student, as well as whether a student is enrolled in a

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to consider studying abroad at some point during their educational career. Most aspects of study abroad are handled by the Global Learning Office (GLO). If you are interested in studying abroad, it is a good idea to visit GLO before the end of your first year at NU.   Some study abroad programs have language requirements, so it is important

Withdraw From an Undergraduate Course After the Drop Deadline (Course Withdrawal)

Undergraduate students may request permission to withdraw from a course or courses after the drop deadline up until the withdrawal deadline. Deadlines are posted on the Office of the Registrar’s academic calendar.    All approved withdrawals will result in a W (withdrawal) grade being posted to the transcript. This grade will not factor into the GPA.

Withdraw For One or More Quarters (Term Withdrawal) & Re-Entry (FRET)

Students have the option to withdraw from Northwestern University for one or more quarters, then return at a later date.  If you would like to withdraw for personal reasons, learn about the withdrawal policies [see], and submit the Term Withdrawal Request form for undergraduate students [see]. If you are seeking a medical leave of absence (MLOA), information and